Sunset Valley – 01.01

Back to Hometown

The ghosts of Twinbrook used to tremble in fear whenever they heard the name McGraw.

Aidan McGraw was born in Sunset Valley. His father was a musician and his mother a writer and a private investigator. He had a brother that followed their father’s footsteps, but Aidan must have inherited his grandfather’s lust for adventure. He chose a career in the occult and Twinbrook was the best place for it.

His personal life seemed quite successful. He married a very young woman, Mallory, and they had two boys, Russell and Radley. Mallory and Aidan had a rocking relationship at first, however, it became dull due to Aidan’s commitment to his career.

It was tough for Aidan to say goodbye to his successful career in Twinbrook, but they arranged to move back to Sunset Valley so as to save Aidan’s marriage and give him more free time with the kids. After all, the city had a lower level of paranormal activity.

It wasn’t until they finished unpacking that a group of neighbors dropped by. Aidan hadn’t been in town for ages and didn’t know a soul anymore. They met the Bachelors and an old acquaintance, Chris Steel.

Their visit was very pleasant and filled the family up with what had been going on in town. They also played games and had some sandwiches prepared by Mallory. The new place was much bigger than their previous home and due to that, everyone seemed happy.

Needless to say the change was great for Aidan and Mallory’s marriage.

He was always a good father and the extra free time helped the family to get closer and closer.

Summer would reach its end sooner or later which meant that Russell’s adulthood was pretty close. He had enough time to make friends and get better at school as well as learning new skills like gardening and playing snooker.

On Leisure Day, the family decided to trow a pool party.

As Aidan was a vegetarian, Mallory made tofu hot dogs. Some people didn’t like it, but there was a lot of more food options by the pool. The party was a huge success in the neighborhood and they managed to make many new friends.

Moving out of gloomy Twinbrook to sunny Sunset Valley had livened the family up. However, may some issues have moved with them?

I was misled

I wish I hadn’t fallen in love with you. You do not deserve me at all. You’re wasting a good lover and a good friend. I’m fed up with being your toy. I can’t stand these feelings I’ve got now. I keep on hurting myself so as to get stronger and avoid being a loser like I used to be. You’re just like my old self. I can overcome it, I will. I wonder whether you’ll take part in my life after all this.

— x — x —

You   b o r e d   m e   with your stories
I can’t belive that I endured you for as long as I did
I’m happy, it’s over

— x — x —

You must think I’m a fool
So   prosaic   and   awkward   and all
D’you think you’ve got me down?
D’you think I’ve   n e v e r   been out of this town?

Do   I   seem too eager to please to you now?
You don’t know me at all
I can’t turn it on, turn it off like you now
I’m   n o t   l i k e   y o u   now

Video Game Exhibition

There was an exhibition about video games at a mall in my town. It was really nice to see those old consoles! I thought I knew a lot because of a research I did several years ago, but I figured out that I knew very little. Besides the consoles on display, there were several games available for people to play. It was nice to show those young lads what real games used to be!

This is one of the consoles I didn’t know about, but it was produced in the year I was born. ❤

A picture with my favorite console, Super Nintendo. That was my very first video game. My uncle gave it to me on Christmas. Unfortunately, I gave my old console to my brother who sold it. Two years ago, I bought a new SNES and I play with it once in a while.

My uncle used to have an Atari.

Of course, I couldn’t help playing Mario World in that huge (and uncomfortable) joystick.


Keagan’s Adventures – pt5

Keagan was doing well at the Firefighter career and, since the last holiday, he hadn’t had bug to answer emmergencies.

Anyway, I decided to set @lisasc360 free and she has changed jobs.

Now, she works with her husband at the Bistro.

Kegan’s romance with Tori was fine as well. She was a bit too serious, but they enjoyed each other’s company.

— x — x —

Across from their house, Mark lived well and has bought a nice car. I would never invest in a car before having a better home. But it’s ok.

Damian is Mark’s boyfriend and they’re living together. In fact, they do have some weird habits.

Such as kicking flamingos. While I was observing them, I noticed they were hungry and I sent Tori and Keagan there to share some cocoa pancakes.

Unfortunately, Mark is still too updet with Tori’s cheating. After having breakfast with them, Tori visited Betty while Keagan took a nap. He had spent his night at the fire station upgrading everything he’s got there.

— x — x —

Emmaline and Sam had another child, a baby boy named Derrick.

I’ll wait for little Bailey to become a child in order to let them have another child.

— x — x —

I wanted Tori to visit Becky, but she was hard to find. I was spying on her later and found her reading a book…

… while Connor sleeps all alone in their bed.

— x — x —

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Keagan’s Adventures – pt4

It’s Keagan’s first weekend and since I’m playing with regular life-spam, he’d better be fast and find his gal.

He decided to invite Tori out.

On his way to the library -where the date would take place- he passed by the City Hall and I found out Cami and Emma there.

Cami is still single, but Emma hit it off with Brendan.

In fact, they’ve already gotten married.

Before that, Emma had had a fling with Louis.

Cami chose to be a teacher and Emma decided that a career in the Bistro suits her best.

Meanwhile, Keagan took Tori to the movies. While they were in there, I saw Mark, Tori’s boyfriend, hanging around the market.

He sat down and started thinking of Vita Alto!

Oh, fine! They decided to take about chicken. After that, he opened a sci-fi book (good boy) and spend his time reading near Cornelia Goth.

Keagan and Tori had a great date. They had their first kiss and Tori moved in. She brought three cars and a few books with her!

On the following morning, I gave Tori a little make-over.

She looks better with long hair. After that, I had to solve a little problem. In fact, two.

Tori was dating Mark and Xander was a romantic interest! I tried to invite Xander out, but he was busy. Mark would be the first.

I don’t want to break your heart, Mark, but I’m in love with Keagan and we both know you shouldn’t lie to yourself.

Since Mark has got commitment issues, breaking up was okay. She shouldn’t have told him about cheating on him, though. I’ll try to befriend him. When he left, he was thinking about Lisa.

Mark, don’t be a fool! I added your life-partner to the world. Find him!

Craven, what the hell are you doing!?

Oh! It was just an invisible Betty! Luckily I could fix it with MC.

Tori met Keagan at the gym where he improved his athletic skill so much that he was promoted twice!

They went to the Bistro where Tori had a chance to talk to Xander. They’re good friends now. Keagan took Tori to the beach.

And now they’re officially boy and girlfriend. ❤

What a weekend!

— x — x —

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Keagan’s Adventures – pt3

It was Leisure Day and Keagan wished to visit the park.

Granted. While he was having a free snack, I decided to spy on Emmaline and Sam.

This is the house they’re living in. I need to add some bunk beds, though. They decided to go to the theater and hang around there.

Unfortunately, I had a blackout. I sent Keagan to the festival again.

He played soccer with Craig. Craig is one of king_of_simcity7’s sims. The others that are living in town, Bradley and Jennifer, are getting along very well.

They had a baby boy that will be named Robert. I chose Bob as temporary name.

Going back to the park, Marty Keaton (now, single) was showing off his muscles to Mark and Josie. Josie seemed to enjoy it, but Mark didn’t look impressed. Perhaps he was checking something out.

I sent Keagan to meet them. I should’ve invited Mark to play soccer since I despite the sport. LOL

Josie and Craig are very cute together. Keagan kept on meeting more sims.

Some randon shots of Bradley and Connor.

Keagan also rolled a wish to go swimming. He went to the beach and then, I decided to look for Tori Kimura. I was getting upset with K since he was never interested in anyone!

However, it seems that Mark chose Tori. They were getting more and more romantic when Keagan arrived.

When we collide sparks fly. When you look in my eyes, It takes my breath away
Mark is between looking like “Seriouly? Are you going to steal my gal?” or “Please, help me get rid of her.” I’m preparing a boyfriend for Mark, but I’ll let him date Tori for a while.

No, there aren’t.

Tori is a Scorpio just like Keagan, but she’s snob and he’s easily impressed. That would be an interesting couple.

Speaking of romances, Lisa got married and she’s oficially Becky’s sister-in-law. Precious Forsythe decided to repeat the same fate in her original game. Cherry also got married.

Keagan has worked hard, but I’m having issues with the fire station. I may have to use a different one.

After work, he had a date with Tori. First I needed to raise their friendship level, since he wanted to be her good friend first. Unfortunately, he was so tired that they didn’t have their first kiss.

No problem, they’re getting closer and closer. When he got home, he decided to check his mail.

Thanks for the calendar, Dorie. You can mark February 30th as our date.

— x — x —

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Keagan’s Adventures – pt2

Keagan’s enjoying working as a firefighter. His first fire was at The Harts’ lot. Dorie Hart was the only sim that is attracted to Keagan.

After putting out the fire, I was surprised with this.

Dorie kissed Keagan twice, but Keagan didn’t like either.

Are you insane!? We should get to know each other, let me show you how…. You look beautiful today!

He complimented her looks and she didn’t like it. I decided to call it a day and retreat to the fire station.

At the Fire Station, He got to know his co-workers, Christopher and Lisa.

Thank you, Dorie, but NO.

I bought him a stereo and an umbrella. He’s also got a chess table instead of a regular table. I want him to be a Chess Grand Master.

I sent him to the Consigment Store for a useful elixir, but I found nothing.

His second fire was at Mark’s apartment building! I believe it helped him to get promoted. His second promotion was at the cemetery.

Congrats, Keagan!

He also met his other co-worker, Joelle. It turned out that she’s a zombie.

I was thinking of marrying her. Keagan wanted to know Lisa’s sign.

She’s a Capricorn and he’s a Scorpio. That’s a match! However, Lisa seems to have a very busy love life in my game.

My simself was going out with her! Later, I saw a car near her house (after all, Lisa lives across from Keagan’s) and she wasn’t alone.

Oh my! They were serious about it! I had changed Mark giving him points to prefer men… I wasn’t sure whether I should keep this happening when I got this message.

Fine, Lisa… so, you chose Jared Frio… Great, you’ll be Becky’s sister-in-law. I think I’ll create a boyfriend for Mark…

— x — x —

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