The McIntyres – Part 5

The wedding cerimony had more surprises than I had expected.

It was also Jamie’s birthday!

What an eventful day! Ethan and Jamie needed some rest.

Jamie invited her girl friends to a relaxing afternoon.

It didn’t take long for Dillon’s special day!

Jamie made sure that a party would be thrown for their first child. Everybody had a blast!

Later that day, Jamie discovered that Dillon will be a big brother! Will they have another boy or a girl?

— x — x —


The McIntyres – Part 4

After giving birth to a boy, Ethan took Jamie and their son to a new house. From that moment on, they would have a bigger place to raise their kid.

Welcome to Sunset Valley, Dillon McIntyre!

Dillon was an adorable baby. Jamie spent some time chilling out after the pregnancy. Since Ethan is a writer, they made up their minds that he would be the stay-at-home parent.

Despite being eager to go back to work, Jamie had other things to look after. She was proud of her name Jolina, but it was time they had gotten married. They set up a date and she sent the invitations for the cerimony!

The wedding was breath-taking! Both the bride and the groom were over the moon. Madison and Monica were the bridesmaids and their dresses were a shade of pink chosen by Jamie. They felt ready to face the new challenges that await them.

— x — x —

The McIntyres – Part 3

After going steady, Ethan and Jamie started living under the same roof.

As a doctor, she was rather busy all the time. However, Ethan was cool about that. After all, he had to see to his books.

Sooner or later, Jamie had to take a long vacation.

Both of them were ecstatic! Their first baby! That also meant Ethan should make his move.

The proposal took place at the new Art Gallery.

The following days were calm and Jamie had enough time to chill out with books and friends.

It was a gloomy rainy day when Jamie felt that it was time. While she was being taken care of at the hospital, Ethan had a surprise for the family.

— x — x —

The McIntyres – Part 2

Ethan and Jamie got along pretty well, but she was already taken.

Talking to Dave wasn’t easy even though it had to be done. Dave got so upset that he will never speak to Jamie in their short simlives.

Ethan didn’t waste any time.

They had a fantastic date that night. The food at the Bistro was divine and it was under the stars that Ethan asked her to be his girlfriend.

Needless to say Jamie moved in as soon as they started to be together.

— x — x —

Despite her hectic life as a doctor, Jamie manages to learn how to make some music.

I’m over the moon whenever I’m near you.”

Both Jamie and Ethan are bookworms and the library is the most visited spot in the city. Morgana Wolff is Jamie’s boss and they don’t have an easy relationship, although, Thorton is a great friend of Jamie’s.

Becky married Connor Frio and she’s waiting their first child. Will there be space for children in Ethan’s life?

— x — x —

The McIntyres – Part 1

I’ve made up my mind to go back to the Sims focused on one family and world. In fact, I’ve bought all worlds and I want an excuse to use them all! This legacy main and only rule is to make my family move through worlds after spending one game-year.

I’ll also follow the release order. According to Carl and Pam’s The Sims Forum, it is:

01.) Sunset Valley – Base Game
02.) Riverview –
03.) Twinbrook – Ambitions
04.) Barnacle Bay –
05.) BridgePort – Late Night
06.) Hidden Springs –
07.) Appaloosa Plains – Pets
08.) Lunar Lakes –
09.) Starlight Shores – Showtime
10.) Lucky Palms –
11.) Sunlit Tides –
12.) Moonlight Falls – Supernatural
13.) Monte Vista –
14.) Aurora Skies –
15.) Dragon Valley –
16.) Isla Paradiso – Island Paradise
17.) Midnight Hollow –
18.) Roaring Heights –

All the other worlds that can be visited from the home town will be used at any time. I may use Oasis Landing before going to Lunar Lakes.

Let’s meet the founder of this ambitious family.

— x — x —

This is Ethan McIntyre. He’s just moved to Sunset Valley.

Since he’s an aspiring illustrious author, he joined the writer career as soon as he got his first level in writing. He’s a Leo that enjoys hot dogs, electronic music and the color black.

His first day at the new neighborhood was hectic. He ran around town meeting as many people as he could.

He got the hearts for quite a few people, although…

There was only one lady that was worth the trouble: Jamie Jolina.

Even though their zodiacal signs didn’t match (he’s a Leo and she’s a Piscis), They got along well at once. Perhaps it was due to their both love for books. He was looking foward to meeting her again.

However, he knew Jamie wasn’t single and perhaps, he would have to deal with her boyfriend Dave sooner or later.

— x — x —

01.01 – Starlight Shores

A Star’s Wish

The singer Ariel Hart had been working on her singer career for quite a while. Her real name was Arielle and she was born in Twinbrook. Her father was a well-known inventor.

Meeting her husband, Dermott McGraw, was a curious fact. Since her father was separated from his brother, they had to travel to Sunset Valley in order to reunite both. Dermott was her uncle’s stepson. It was love at first sight and after getting married, they moved to Starlight Shores so that both of them could pursue their goals. Dermott dreamed of a career in music, just like his father, and Arielle became the pop star “Ariel Hart” (her stage name, by the way).

By the time she became a local phenomenon, they had already bought a mansion near the beach and had three children: Gavin and the twins Lauren and Daphne.

The triplets were now teenagers and all of them gave their parents full support, attending events and behaving.

The couple was really doing their best.

Daphne had just had her driving lessons and she had been sporting her brand-new pink car.

Lauren was more interested in improving her knowledge in gardening and taking care of pets. Gavin had his hormones racing but he revealed he wasn’t born a lady’s man.

All the teens had their prom at MN8, a club in town. Later that night they would have a show by Ariel Hart.

At school, Gavin hung around with Talan Sagar and Barry Whitfield. Few people may have noticed the trio had a lot in common. Barry and Talan were flirty that night.

It goes without saying, it was Talan that Gavin chose to be more intimate.

Even though the fact that Dermott’s father was gay brought a lot of pain to his broken family, he was supportive to his son’s choices and welcomed Talan to their house anytime.

Winter was just around the corner and the teens would soon become adults. What will they choose to do in their lives?

End of Part 01-01

Sunset Valley – 01.01

Back to Hometown

The ghosts of Twinbrook used to tremble in fear whenever they heard the name McGraw.

Aidan McGraw was born in Sunset Valley. His father was a musician and his mother a writer and a private investigator. He had a brother that followed their father’s footsteps, but Aidan must have inherited his grandfather’s lust for adventure. He chose a career in the occult and Twinbrook was the best place for it.

His personal life seemed quite successful. He married a very young woman, Mallory, and they had two boys, Russell and Radley. Mallory and Aidan had a rocking relationship at first, however, it became dull due to Aidan’s commitment to his career.

It was tough for Aidan to say goodbye to his successful career in Twinbrook, but they arranged to move back to Sunset Valley so as to save Aidan’s marriage and give him more free time with the kids. After all, the city had a lower level of paranormal activity.

It wasn’t until they finished unpacking that a group of neighbors dropped by. Aidan hadn’t been in town for ages and didn’t know a soul anymore. They met the Bachelors and an old acquaintance, Chris Steel.

Their visit was very pleasant and filled the family up with what had been going on in town. They also played games and had some sandwiches prepared by Mallory. The new place was much bigger than their previous home and due to that, everyone seemed happy.

Needless to say the change was great for Aidan and Mallory’s marriage.

He was always a good father and the extra free time helped the family to get closer and closer.

Summer would reach its end sooner or later which meant that Russell’s adulthood was pretty close. He had enough time to make friends and get better at school as well as learning new skills like gardening and playing snooker.

On Leisure Day, the family decided to trow a pool party.

As Aidan was a vegetarian, Mallory made tofu hot dogs. Some people didn’t like it, but there was a lot of more food options by the pool. The party was a huge success in the neighborhood and they managed to make many new friends.

Moving out of gloomy Twinbrook to sunny Sunset Valley had livened the family up. However, may some issues have moved with them?